Friday, May 05, 2006

Holy Shit Anti-Flag in the Press

Ok so its The Nation, the coolest magazine ever so maybe I shouldnt be supprised. I started reading this article called "Songs of Protest " and was expecting another review of Neil Young and Bruce Springstein and I was planning on being annoyed that like every one else they would ignore all of the great Punk Rockers that have been singing or screaming in some cases about bush for five years now, and then I got to the second half and there it was Anti-Flag, I was instantly reminded of why The Nation kicks ass and suddenly reafirmed why I bought that subscription after hearing about the mag for years. Here is what The Nation had to say about Anti-Flag.

But others in Washington are hearing the power chords. For years, Justin Sane,
lead singer of the political punk band Anti-Flag, said it was "left to artists
to make the statements that should be getting put into the public discourse."
But Anti-Flag is no longer shouting from the sidelines. The band's new CD, For
Blood and Empire, features the song "Depleted Uranium Is a War Crime." It was
inspired by an appearance at a 2004 Punk Voter rally in Seattle with
Representative Jim McDermott, a Vietnam-era vet who has introduced legislation
calling for an investigation of the military's use of DU. McDermott is on the
CD, and the band is spearheading a drive to get Congress to act on the bill.
Come to think of it, if a 69-year-old Congressman is heeding the call of a
punk band, maybe it's time to recognize that, with prodding from outspoken and
courageous musicians, the Bush order is rapidly fading and the times, again, are

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