Friday, May 05, 2006

Peace Take Courage

First off I added this site to the links, but here it is again Peace Takes Courage, I just heard about this site, and it looks very nice. I heard of it because aparrently the 15 year old girl who runs it has been recieving death threats because of a video that she made.
First I felt assamed that I live in a country where folks will send you a death threat because they disagree with you. Although this is nothing new.
Then I saw her site and i felt more assamed because Its really good. This 15 year olds site makes mine and most bloggers look lame. The runs the blog, a forum that looks to be quite active, and has made some 70 flash videos since mid-march! holy shit when does she go to school?
Anyway very nice site Ava and I wish you all the best. I think its too much of a move right out of the conservative playbook but i like the idea of giveing out the e-mail addresses of all those who threatened her.

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