Friday, June 09, 2006

Estate Tax

Estate Tax Pyramid Scheme
It amazes me the guliblity of people. There are middle class people that I know that think the estate tax is a vile and unamerican thing. They think that it destoys family businesses and family farms because it prevents people from passing on inheritence to their children. They part that they seem to miss is that this Tax only effects you if your trying to pass more than two million dollars on to your next of kin. The reason so many people are against is because there has been a big media push about how terrible this tax is. what they dont know is that its in the media because a few families realizad that they could save themselves billions of dollars if they spend a few million on advertizing against this tax. This is a tax on the very very wealthy, and if your going to live in this country and have all the advantages of living here then they can pay their fair share. I have no pitty for the billionaire who pays more taxes than I do because Im slightly above the poverty line.

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