Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ever go to any of the conservative sites?

im not going to name any here, that would ruin my sanctity. But, Damn theres some scary crap people are saying. Its cruelly ironic when you hear ppl talking about how all muslims are terrorists and how we need to stop the Jihadists. followed imediatly with how we need to kill them all off. sorry the persons wording was something like this. "Its time for an extermination, who wants to be the termites?" thats a pretty clear call for an extermination of a people. in other words they want the exact same thing as Bin Laden, only reversed. they are preaching the exact same thing as the terrorist only luckily they dont have the balls to actually do it. sure a few of them will go out in the safety of their own towns and beat up or possibly kill a muslim, who is probably guilty of no crime what-so-ever. This is cowardace. these people are scared and angry and they think killing is the only solution. They dont have the strength to actually try to hunt down actual terrorists so instead they take it out on any one different from themselves. Its because of thoughts like those that we may never again be seen as a moral leader in the world. Im far more scared of the people trying to destroy this country from the inside than those who seek to destroy it from afar. Those within the nation have been far more successful.

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