Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gay marriage

I know the answer but I cant grasp it, Why do they care? Who is the victim if two ppl get married who may or may not be of opposite sexes? Their arguments are crap and they know it. They claim things like how if this is allowed then ppl will try to marry their pets or robots. Some how they get mad and say your making irrational jumps in logic when you say that if your Pro-Life that should mean your against killing people, but to jump from two men getting married to a man trying to marry a horse well thats a perfectly logical conclution and who are you to say it isnt. I got in a long debate with my conservative friend and in the end it came down to him telling me that we cant debate because I have to rationalize everything and I can only see in terms of logic. I said yeah your right and the problem is?? he said well im talking about god and their fore logic is irrelivent. This is the point where the debate is pointless anyway because when your dealing with a person who quite secificly says that logic is irrelivent then it really makes no difference what you say. I also like to rip apart at his "religion" i say it that way because he calims only spirtiuality and dislikes organized religion and yet he follows every peice of rederick from the religious right. I also cant understand the logic, opps their I go again thinking logically, in saying that all media is bias, he thinks to the left, and yet beleive that the bible is absolutely withour error. Its a book that has probably been rewritten more times than anyother writiing known, it has changed between numerous languages and the standard edition today was written for a King, a government. If you were a King and were having the most influencial book in history rewritten for you would you not want to make sure it fits your personal view of how things should be. this is why I dispise those who are unwilling to so much as question the wording of the bible. Sure the basic stories have proably stayied the same and thats where the wisdom of the book is, but ppl who search that huge book looking for a single line by which to justify their own hate are worthy of my contempt.

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