Friday, June 30, 2006

legal question

Is it legal to threaten to kill a person? Seriously are you allowed to say "Im going to go shoot Joe Blow in the face with my 357 magnum becuase he used a salad fork with his entree"? I know its illegal to threaten to kill the president, but what if he wasnt really elected?.... but if its illegal to threaten some people then it probably illegal to threaten anyone. Especially if you say how your going to kill them because then it implys that you have a plan. But what If you only wish someone else would kill them. I supose thats probably acceptable. im basicly just curious if all the people saying that we need to kill members of the NYT are within the law or not.

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SuperFiancee said...

Terroristic Threatening is a law in most states. The quickest info I could find (that was generic enough to apply to most states) was from Delaware. Here's the site.

Hope the information answers your question. Quit threatening people.

Or, if you do, tell them it's a work of fiction, like this guy did. His grandparents turned him in.