Thursday, June 29, 2006

something with delay and the GOP

Chron: Delay withdrew
ok so the incumbent has to run again, but they dont want delay to run, obviously, so they are trying to get him out of the race. The early indication seems to be that its either Delay or its nobody. But the finally ruling wont be for a little bit. I dont know shit about this issue and I could be totally wrong, if I am misinterstanding the issue someone let me know.

It seems weird to me that the incumbent is forced to run again. what if they want to retire or just move on to something else? but I didnt make the rules and it sounds like there is a chance of getting a freebe in the senate, which would be handy.


Kvatch said...

In Texas, the only way to withdraw from an election is to 1) Die, 2) Be convicted of a felony, 3) No longer live in the district in question. Though DeLay may hit #2, he actually intended to move and thereby cause #3 to be the case, but...he didn't. So legally he can't be taken off the ballot.

Weird system they have there in Texas, and I should know, I was raised there.

Kilgore Trout said...

I was really curious if I was reading that right because it did seem a little weird. Then agian congress is one of few places where people vote on their own raises.....

SuperFiancee said...

What I don't understand is that he still owns property in the district and his wife is living there. Not "ex" wife. Current wife. Clearly he still lives in the district. I truly tire of the political maneuvering and ass-kissing. You just KNOW someone told him he needed to move to Washington so that the GOP could nominate someone who might actually have a chance of serving. Too little. Too late. I say.