Saturday, June 24, 2006

why is trust in the media is so low

Could it be because of shite like this? Editor and Publisher
The majority of americans want the troops out of Iraq, or at least a timetable to get them out. Most want it by the end of the year. 54% said they would be more likely to support a canidate that favors withdrawl and only 35% would less likely. This is an issue that should be a third rail for anyone who favors this blind faith "stay the course" bullshit. and yet there are only a handful of politicians that are willing to actually stand up and oppose this. they are probably nervous because if two decorated combat vets can be attacked with such viciousness then obviously no one is safe from the republican/fox/msm hate machine.

The people prefer the democrats for the next election but right now the anti-war crime crowd isnt being given much reasurance that they will actually put a stop to this madness if they do take the majority.

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