Friday, June 09, 2006

Worst Law Ever?

No but its still pretty shitty. They want me to pay to take a CD I bought and put the songs onto my own computer. then If I want to put it onto an Ipod Im expected to pay again. Well Fuck all that. then again the music I listen to isnt on major label so I probably would be one of the later ppl to get sued.

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Kvatch said...

No question about it SIRA is a mess. But on a positive note, the only way to enforce something like that is to use pervasive, hardware-based DRM and that just isn't gonna happen anytime soon. The industry has shown too much resistence even in the face of legislation.

Big Content though doesn't appear to be after any particular law (since they haven't had a victory yet), they just appear to be wearing down the legislators.