Thursday, July 27, 2006


NOFX is probably my favorite band, and they have two new albums out and I finally got to hear them. One's a LP the others an Ep or a CD and a Single for the kids. the CD is Wolves in Wolves Clothing and the EP is Never Trust a Hippy and holy shit both are awsome. I made myself a copy that included both in one and I haven't been able to turn it off since, although some songs I have to quickly turn the volume down, I am in an office after all. I think my favorite is "Your Wrong", off "Never Trust a Hippy". Its a slow simple acustic guitar type song which normally I hate but when a punk band does a slow acustic song then listen up cause they probably have something to say, and this is no exception just read the Lyrics here.

You're wrong about virtues of Christianity
And you're wrong if you agree with Sean Hannity
If you think that pride is about nationality, you're wrong

You're wrong when you imprison people turning tricks
And you're wrong about trickle down economics
If you think that punk rock doesn't mix with politics, you're wrong

You're wrong for hating queers and eating steers
If you kill for the thrill of the hunt
You're wrong 'bout wearing fur and not hating Ann Coulter
Cause she's a cunted cunt

You're wrong if you celebrate Columbus Day
And You're wrong if you think there will be a Judgement Day
If you're a charter member of the NRA, you're wrong

You're wrong if you support capital punishment
And you're wrong if you don't question your government
If you think her reproductive rights are inconsequent, you're wrong

You're wrong fighting Jihad, your blind faith in God
Your religions are all flawed,
You're wrong about drug use, when its not abuse
I hope you never reproduce

You're getting high on the downlow
A victim of Cointelpro
You're wrong and will probably never know

Thats some good shit right there, and if it wasnt for the cunting cunt line I would play this far louder than is a good idea right at work. sure there are a few anti-religion lines but oh well I can defend my atheism just fine. And the start about virtues of christianity doesnt necissarily mean that there are no virtues of chirstianity it just means that you have them wrong. unlike the last song on that EP called "I'm Going to Hell for This One" or more to the politcal end instead of the religion there is "USA-holes" from "wolves" the middle of that one is great.

We see the iceberg from 15 miles away
The captain orders the ship to "stay the course"
"Full speed ahead" shouts the accurst
The next thing we heard was, "rich women and children first"
The ship is listing, the captain's placing blame on the iceberg
"That berg attacked us, I am declaring war on the Arctic"
Who could ever have predicted the greatest ship could so easily sink (duh)

Subtle? no. But thats why I love 'em. in the past they have had a few political songs and a few serious songs but plenty of just goofy fun shit. Oh and these guys call theres LPs and EPs becasue they are all available on vinyl and there first album was in '84 I think, and they had been around a little bit at that point so these aren't young kids. I think Fat Mike mentions being 39 in one of the songs
so any way listen to their music I think you'll like it. I suppose that depends on what kind of music your into. but if you like fast high energy music with a meseage that can usualy be understood then I think you'll like 'em.

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