Monday, July 10, 2006

Politics vs/and Religion

No they should not intermingle, but they do. The Constitution is a secular document, the Bible a holy document. Thats the easy part, the problem is that a single person cannot be both. And this, I think, is why religion is constantly seeping into government. This is also why I feel free to express my religious views (or lack thereof) on an otherwise political blog. Well that and the fact that its my fucking blog and I write about way more random shit than religion. Weither you think religion is a positive or a negative force in this world is up for debate and your stance will probably depend on many variables but it is without question that it is a major force in our world and therefore the only moral thing to do is to debate its pro's and con's this is an issue that can only be delt with by talking.

It scares the shit out of me whenever I hear that something like 45% of this country thinks the world is only 6000 years old because.... well i guess it might be implied in the bible somewhere, presumably in the old testament. Although oddly the Jews dont have this belief so Im not honestly sure where it came from. When 45% of a country will actively block out science and reason then it starts to make me wonder if a democracy is the best choice for government. Majority rule doesnt work in mental insitutions --NOFX. Honestly when you have people who can simply discount logic because it doesnt agree with a four thousand year old book that has been rewritten and translated countless times then maybe there is simply no hope for our society. Perhaps they will want to prove the bible is true so badly that they will simply create their own appocalypse. We nuke the world and suddenly the bible is right. (by man I mean mankind not just dudes) Man created the bible, Man created god, Man can destroy god or he will destroy us all.

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