Monday, July 10, 2006

Racist military

Common Dreams
There have been several report foating about in blogville about how the military is looking the other way when it comes to racist groups. In the past we had worked hard to make sure that neo-nazis and the like were kept out of the service for what should be obvious reasons. in case a conservative is reading this, Ill spell out a few of the reasons. First off our military is something of an ambasator to the world. For many people the first american they ever meet could be in uniform. So we dont really want them carrying swastikas into israel as an example. Also I dont much care for the idea of using my tax money to pay to train a member of the klan how to be a better killer. thats just a bad policy.

So the info is pouring in that due to low recruitment levels they have not been quite as stringent about keeping such people out. according to the reports the supremesist groups have realised this and are encouraging members to join the military. As if we didnt have enough problems in Iraq, having a bunch of white power lemmings running around killing brown people (I dont know if the term brown is PC or not but thats what my arab friends refer to themselves as) to clense the earth without concern. That will be ugly. And it leads to an important question, If Haditha or other similar massacres turn out to be the work of racists / supremeists, will their recruiters be liable? Will they court marshal every person who knew that this person was a racist and did not report it? will the find evidence that it was reported but the C.O. ignored it? If so will they be held responsible? Criminally negligent homicide comes to mind. there are times when doing nothing is illegal.

And since I mentioned Recruiters I have to remind all the kids out there, Recuiters Lie.

Which reminds me is it illegal to lie about what is in a contract? Now I realise that the person signing the contract is obligated to read the damn thing especially when your signing a peice of paper that says people are going to be trying to kill you. But if they ask questions and the recruiter lies, is that legal? is that contract still valid? We do things at work that involve informed consents which are basicly mini-contracts and while I know the ethics commity would shut us down if we knowingly lied to a client, I guess the difference is that there is no Internal Review Board for the militry.

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