Monday, July 24, 2006


not the crappy 80's band.
Tesla Motors Is the name of the company that is producing a sports car, that happens to be electric. And being electric they named the company after one of the greatest electrical inovators of all time. Sometime called the "Inventor of the 20th Century." But back to the car for a moment. Lotus was brought in to help with the sports car end of the elecrtis sports car and is quite clearly based on an elise, which is fine by me as the elise is a great looking car that also happens to be one of the best handling (production) cars on the planet. Not terribly supprising but this one is a bit heavier than the lotus but is still lighter than the vast majority of cars out there. There are some distinct advantages to an Electric though, like the fact that its torque curve starts with 100% of power at 0 rpms and stays pretty flat till about 8,000 at which point it gradually drops off untill its redline of 13,000 rpms. Because it has a rediculously flat torque curve it only needs two gears, which is just funny to me at a time when bmw and others are raving about their 7 speed trannies. makes it seem a little silly. oh yeah and because of the whole 100% of power at a standstill the thing rips to 60 in about 4 seconds flat and gets into triple digits in under 10. Thats haulin ass by pretty much any standard. Its not going to outrun an enzo but off the top of my head thats similar to a corvette Z06 which makes 500hp and is probably similarly priced although the Tesla might be a bit more. It cant come any where near the vettes near 200 mph top speed, but honestly who cares? unless your on an oval or the musalane straight at le mans then top speed doesnt even matter much on the track let alone on the street. But then again Ive always been more of a fan of turns than straightaways, I mean any idiot can mash the throttle and go pretty fast but to put a car right on the limts of adhesion around a sweeper or through a set of esses well thats always going to put a grin on my face. So its a pretty cool car my big concern is if I would be able to get used to a sports car with no exhaust noise. I mean to mash the throtle and not hear any thing is just wrong.

Oh and then back to the name, if you dont know Nikola Tesla then I recomend looking him up real quick. The whole concept of the "mad scientist" with lightning jumping around is often attributed to him. Oh and then their were things he invented like RADAR, a remote control boat, the cool Tesla Coils that shoot out bolts of lightning and can light a floresent light bulb without wires, he also invented the radio although marconi is usually given credit, he also beat out edison to make A/C current the standard for home use. He also made a solar panel that they refused to patent because it worked at night an therefore defied physics as they understood it. which is a great reason to have a patent denied, not because it didnt work but because they couldnt understand how it worked. There was also his death ray that some claim was responsible for the Tunguska explosion in syberia although this is fairly discredited. most modern electric devices are connected back to tesla, and inspite of all this most people will never recognise his name which is sad. This is a man who was insulted when compared to Edison.

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