Monday, July 31, 2006

Where were they?
The Israeli soldiers that were captured, were they in Israel like our media says, or in southern lebanon as some sources are reporting? This is not a minr issue, if the israelis really were on a commando mission into southern lebanon as these sources say then lebanon had every right to deffend itself, including taking the attacking soldiers hostage. And as soon as our soldiers or our allies soldiers become detained then I immediately wonder if they will be tortured, had this been five years ago I would have figured it was possible but not very likely, today after all of our world famous torturing I now assume they will be tortured even though both sides know that they will get nothing usefull out of the ordeal, its just to make a point. So in the great question of who is the terrorist in this whole ordeal? The answer is obvious, both sides are commiting acts of terror against civilians, but that does not mean that everyone is a terrorist. Both governments are terrorists, which of course means that our donating (i think it was) 4 billion dollars to israel would probably make us the largest single terrorist financer in the world.

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