Thursday, June 14, 2007

Iraq a wreck

With the caveat that its too early to tell if "the surge" is working the pentagon has admitted that violence has increased in Iraq in the last few months.
The report described Iraq's violence as mainly a result of illegally armed groups engaging in a "cycle of sectarian and politically motivated violence, using tactics that include indiscriminate bombing, murder, executions and indirect fire (rocket and mortar attacks) to intimidate and to provide sectarian conflict."
When can we leave?


Curiosis said...

Yes, innocent people are being murdered, and we have the capacity to help them.

So let's see how fast we can run away from that, right?

Kilgore Trout said...

We might have the capacity to help but so far we are hurting them. Many experts agree that the biggest help we could provide would be to leave, so yes we should "run away." Actually the best we could do would be to go back in time and never murder any of them in the first place but I don't think that can happen.