Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Times Article about Murdoch

Quite the piece about Murdoch, Fox, Newscorp and the bid to buy the Wall Street Journal. This should be a frightening proposition to anyone interested in reliable news. The WSJ, while hardly my favorite source for news has always been highly respected because the business world is not interested in the social issues of the day it cares about money. This is why they must tell the truth of the world even when the truth hurts because otherwise its readers won't be informed as to where there are profitable tragedies. If Murdoch gets his hand son it we all know exactly what will happen. It won't be overnight he's not stupid he'll stay back for a little while then in a year or so, which will happen to fall around election time, he'll start pushing the editors around. He'll let them do their usual thing for a while so that conservatives can say, "see the WSJ hasn't changed." It will hang on to its name until its time to cash in, he'll use its clout to build up or more likely to destroy whom ever he wishes. Eventually editors will retaliate and the dignity of the paper will be gone but by that point he will have gotten what he wants from it.

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