Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Who is Ron Paul?

It's a question I'd really like to get sorted out. So far he seems like the only republican I could theoretically vote for without without having to sell my..... shit this is when its a pain to know that souls don't exist and I can't sell it. Need new metaphors. Anyway Ron Paul is something of an enigma, he's a republican and I'm sure there are many many issues on which I would dislike him. But at this moment I love the guy. He's getting all the other republicans in a tizzy, he made Guiliani look stupid which alone earns praise around here. Well I assume other people think Rudy sounded pretty stupid when he said that he had never heard the idea that 9/11 was retaliation for the countless bombings of Islamic holy lands. Seriously Rudy you need to pay more attention, shit the event happened in your city, you never thought to ask why? I mean it wasn't even hard to find out Bin Laden said thats why he did it. Jackass. So anyway I like some things Ron Paul stands for, foreign policy at least. I would spend some time learning more about this interesting character but it doesn't matter much what things I dislike about the guy, the reality is he's never going to win the republican primary so it just doesn't matter. He can be a terrible candidate but still be great for the progressives because at least on some issues hes going toe to toe with the big name republicans and showing that not everyone has a hard on for Regan, he was despised by the lower class started numerous illegal wars against our neighbors on this side of the pond. For me Regan's only saving grace is the fact that he was so hated that he gave rise to American Hardcore Punk, if the president at the time wasn't such a bastard we might never have had bands like the Bad Brains, DK, Minor Threat, DOA, MDC and many others. So Thank You Ron, Your not going to win, but at least you'll might make a few repubs back home thing about what they are really voting for if they vote for the other guys.

Heres an article from The Raw Story about Ron Paul
Heres what Ron has to say about Himself.
And finally here he is on the Daily Show (from his own site).

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nullvalu said...

I agree with everything you said, but he will win the primary.