Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Communism Vs. Capitalism

The battle between the two systems might be over (yeah odd fight as one is a government type and the other an economic) since the USSR's collapse and China becoming quasi-capitalist although were still nervous enough o continue to embargo Cuba. But thats not what this battle is over oh no this is a battle between the victims of capitalism and the victims of communism. Or no its not even that its a battle between the memorials to the Victims of Communism and the memorial to the Victims of Capitalism. First while I am not a communist I must give props to the second crew for being willing to call themselves a "group of militant communists" that takes balls. And what a pathetic play by Bush to create a memorial to the victims of communism. Seriously doesn't the freaking president have more pressing matters, like oh maybe the current war. Eh whatever. I'm not going to get into which caused more harm but a top of the head guess capitalism, It's been around longer and is still around. The difference is that those killed by communism were killed by communism, capitalism simply allows poor people to die but doesn't actively kill them (generally), but man it does put a lot of people into misery for the benefit of a few (us, sorry about that).

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