Thursday, July 26, 2007

Creative Protesting

I'm about to partake in my first protest tomorrow so I thought I would share my un-experienced views. First off I'm not convinced that protests are generally effective. I've talked of this recently so I won't get into all of that again. Another way that protests can be effective is creativity. We had one locally a few days ago. I actually drove by this and I must say at first I had no idea what was going on so in that regard it was not terribly effective. Here is how I encountered this protest. I'm riding with a co-worker to lunch, while sitting at a red light we see people going to the car ahead of us asking if the people would like some free wedding cake. They were still several cars away when the light turned green and we drove away, I could see someone on the other side of the street with a sign but it was pointing the other way so we drove off giving each other confused looks. Basically, WTF was that all about? As luck would have it we drove past them again on the way back to work, this time we see a guy with his sign on the ground talking to two police officers. At first the sign was obscured but finally I saw it, "Honk for Marriage Equality" with marriage written in rainbow colors, suddenly it all made sense, "Oh, now I get it" we both said. This made the news but I liked the creativity of it. This isn't the most open minded community but it was a great attempt and with more work and a little luck we might have an equal marriage law soon, the Gov is cool with it and the house has passed one, unfortunately the head dude of the senate isn't down at all, he said it won't even hit the floor. They keep fighting and they'll get it eventually.

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