Thursday, July 05, 2007

Son of Gore

Ha! Ok I've got a hard time caring about someone getting busted for pot cause frankly I don't understand why it's illegal but the prescription pills are an issue. Some of them are serious drugs, and easily more dangerous to both user and the community than marijuana. Do I think this has any bearing on Al, um not really. Only as much as it hurts any family to have a child with a drug problem. I don't generally assume a "problem" fore being caught with drugs, but with multiple illegal prescription drugs, that guy needs help. Notice that he needs help, treatment, NOT Jail. Then again as the son of someone important its not real likely that he would go to jail anyway.

To be honest if this was the child of some outspoken war on drugs advocate then I might care, but while I don't know for sure I would guess that Al would like to change our drug laws so that those with problems get help and not turned into felons. So you can call me a hypocrite if you want but I'm being honest. I was much harsher on Rush Limbaugh but I fell that harshness is justified by that individuals stance on the very same issue.

Of course Not everyone will agree and some will say that this is proof that Al can't control his family and therefore has no right to tell us how to run our country. Then again if you still have absolute control over your 20-something child then your a much worse parent than the one who allowed their child to live, because that child will become an adult the other might never.

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