Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Faith in the Glen

Every now and then its nice to take a step back and point out that while I consider religion itself as something of an enemy I absolutely do not lay a blanket claim that the religious are my enemies, some are but definitely not all. Here are some that I'm down with protesting against the war last week in Watkins Glen. Which was well covered by what seems like a great local blog I just learned about called Granola Box, yeah he's a hippie. I think it gets into an awkward spot when religious leaders speak out against this war because to their benefit people seem to listen to religious leaders and it gets better turn out than your run of the mill hippie protest, but on the other hand I cannot imagine that christianity can be helpful in stopping the sectarian civil war between two muslim sects, a strong christian presence would simply make it a three (or would that be four?) way battle. Thats not their problem though, these people aren't trying to convert muslims so I guess thats an unfair assessment, these folks are simply trying to use there authority positions to do some good in the world, I can hardly fault someone for that. Anyway it was supposed to have been quite good with about 25-30 people showing up, not bad turnout for the middle of the day in a small town, they were happy. Not we just need the war to end and we'll be even happier.



Rob the Granola Guy said...

You might wear leather, and I might wear tie-dye but we're all on the same page on this issue. Most of the country is on the same page.... it's just that everyone needs to see it, and that's not happening on mainstream media.

Viva la blogosphere!

By the way...I'm trying to report on the issues for a national audience; not just local.

Kilgore Trout said...

Actually I love punk music but I don't get into the clothing or anything. I often go to punk shows wearing a button down shirt. I tend to always stand out a little from whatever crowd I'm in, its more fun to be a little different but ok with it.

I try to hit national and local issues, I'm often a bit weak on the local actually.