Thursday, September 27, 2007

Actual Atheists in Actual Foxholes

Ok for those who follow the world of online atheism this is old hat despite being an important and ongoing situation. I'm just slow to report it. The quick of it is that a soldier decided to have an atheist/ freethinkers meeting at his military base in Iraq. This was approved in the same manner any other meeting would be. Unfortunately when it actually came time for the event a commanding officer came in and ruined a good time. The soldier is now suing for discrimination, and has been receiving death threats for his fellow soldiers, to the point he now has a body guard to protect him from those on his side, while fighting the enemy.
This is an important issue and maybe in the future I'll give it more of the time it really deserves.
Good Luck Soldier.


Anonymous said...

its funny to me that atheists even care about anything. we get it, you don't believe in a god, yet you guys hold marches, and sue states that have a cross on the flag, and want god taken out of the pledge of allegiance because you are offended. Seems to me that atheism is becoming more of an organized religion than a group that just doesn't care if there is a higher power. Before we know it, we are going to see bill mahr on a stained glass window holding a book of atheism and soon, you will be just like the rest of the religious folk. I am not saying that your atheistic views are bad, or you guys do not have good morals, blah, blah, blah, Just stop it with trying to become a movement. But hey, good times

Kilgore Trout said...

Man I haven't been on my own website in forever.

I've heard things like this before. Atheists by definition are not an organized group and never will be. But we are human so when we get pushed, we push back. Living in under a secular country means we have the law on our side and some of us are willing to fight to preserve those rights. This doesn't make us a religion. And sometimes we like to have gatherings. We're human, we're social creatures and specifically we're social creatures who often feel like outsiders within their society so once in a while we try to get a group of like minded people together to remind ourselves that we do belong. That doesn't make it a religion it makes us human.