Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye

I watched Transformers last night and I can't decide how I feel about it. It was entertaining and great but craptastic and stupid at once. A huge part of the problem was being stuck with a horrendous plot the details of which are best left ignored. But thats sort of the point, it's not a thinking movie its a fun movie with giant robots fighting in the streets. And for the most part it is fun, and had more laughs than I expected which was a major bonus because it's not a movie that should take itself too seriously and it doesn't. One point I didn't catch but someone else in the room did, of the Autobots (good guys) only one was killed and in perfectly stereotypical it was the "black" robot. Obviously I'm using the term very very loosely as it's hard to be racist about a robot but in Jazz's only line which should have ended up on the cutting room floor or else re-written, it was obvious he was supposed to be the cool one and possible the "black" one, so of course he dies. Its an action movie law you know? So I'll say its entertaining enough to rent. I probably wouldn't buy it although Megan Fox almost make that worth while. Should I feel dirty thinking shes hot (she is) while playing a high school girl or is it ok because I know shes not really? Eh either way enjoy the flick but put the skepticism away its a movie about giant alien robots that look like chevys. It's funny how easily we (I) accept that, then can't help but point out other glaring errors even if they are tiny by comparision. like the little spy robot that turns into a cd player, it walks and gets in fights with people and holds its own, usually kicking a little ass, but somehow once it transforms into a cd player its light enough that no one notices while carrying it. I guess I'll just call it space metal and move on. I also would love to know what GM paid to have every car a GM, and in a less than subtle touch the only "bad guy" car is a Ford Mustang. That might have backfired as the cop edition 'stang looks pretty bad-ass. If you like action movies you'll like it, I guess thats all there is to it.

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