Monday, November 26, 2007

Vile Parenting

This is just sick. I'm pretty sure if this had happened to my kid (if I had one) the whole town would know exactly who did this. I see no reason to protect the innocent, the innocent party is dead. Had this been a typical quarrel between friends that ended tragically then fine protect the kid, but when consenting adults get into the fray then no, fuck them. I hope every person in that town knows exactly what happened so those parents feel the ironic pain of being insulted everywhere they turn. It was all fun and games when you did it too a child, it's not so fun when it gets turned around is it? I hope the town turns against them until they are driven out. Not forcibly, but because they are shunned everywhere they go. As for a law to protect children, well first off the child that died was too young to be on that site in the first place, second its open and anonymous, I'm not sure there is anyway to really protect kids without some overbearing nannny laws which I also despise. The sick parents who decided the only way to help their daughter was to initially cyber-stalk their child's friend need to be taught how to parent. I think most parents could use some lessons, it's not an insult no-one knows everything. OH sure our basic parenting instincts are pretty good but why is it so insulting to say that parents should get some education on the matter. In the end I'm not sure I can suggest anything to absolutely prevent this from happening again, but following the minimum age requirement is probably a reasonable start. Not being an asshole to a little kid is probably another reasonable step. This is when I wish I was a judge, there is no punishment that can bring back that child, but at least I could do my part to make sure those parents knew what if felt like to be humiliated, to be laughed at by everyone. I don't blame them for the suicide, I do blame them for being assholes.


Anonymous said...

No Charges in Myspace Suicude

thought you might want to see

Kilgore Trout said...

Thanks for the update, but I'm honestly not surprised. I called it vile parenting not illegal parenting for a reason. Even in hindsight how would you even write a way to cover something like this? The most fitting punishment seems to be happening already, they will not know what its like to be looked down on by all of their peers, the pain this child lived with is now theres to bear. My only concern is that they will just move out of the town and slip into anonymity. Not that theres anything wrong with anonymity. ;)