Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fuck Iowa, heres to old Beer

yeah yeah opening play of the election process, pre-season is over blah blah how does Iowa become the epicenter of politics? because I'm forced to have an opinion on the matter I think Obama is going to take Iowa mostly due to being the preferred second candidate for many of the "Non-viable" contestants, although Edwards is looking pretty good in that realm to. As for Hilary, she's too divisive even within her own party. Shes either the only one you'll vote for or not at all. Of course in the general election I'd still take her over any of the Repubs. But in the end fuck Iowa. What makes them so influential, er its timing that makes them influnetial, what makes them deserving of their influence? Why not have every state do its primary at once? Half the field will be out of the game by the time I get to vote, and my state has over 4 times as many electoral votes as Iowa (31-7). And doesn't it seem odd that we give such undue influence to a state that bears little in common with the rest of the country? The USA is not 92% white. But you know what I don't care fuck the whole system, fuck em all.

On that note, wanna sample the oldest beer in the world? Sorta. Some guy figured out the ingredients in the oldest known alcoholic beverage by analyzing some nine thousand year old Chinese pottery. So admittedly its little more than an educated guess at what it might have been like, with the luxury of modern sterilization methods.
It's a pretty cool article and its way better than listening to the fucking talking heads drone on for the next ten hours about what they think will happen in bum-fuck USA.

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