Wednesday, February 06, 2008

1st Amendment Time

Kid walks down the street singing a crappy rap song by Lil' Boosie, I don't know this particular rapper but the statistical likelihood of being crap is exponentially greater when the name begins with Lil', which contained profanity. This kid (19) happened to walk past some younger children, who are usually kept inside tupperware to ensure their safety, and may or mat not have heard the offensive language, so this menace was snatched up by the police for his heinous crime of singing a shitty song. Now personally I think it would be great if we could get rid of crappy music by just arresting anyone who sings shitty songs, sure we'd have our jails over crowded with rednecks singing country but hey nothing comes cheap, and I'd be concerned about who deems music shitty enough to be arrest worthy....

Wait what? He wasn't arrested for singing shitty music but for swearing? How the fuck does that work? Are you telling me that there are still words you can't say in public? I understand not being able to scream fire in a theater, but not being able to say certain words in public when no bodily harm is imposed upon anyone? I'd love to be that attorney, You're honor just to be clear so my client does not end up in this situation again, which words exactly are we not allowed to say in public? Are we going by George Carlins list? Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker and Tits, advertisements for drugs can say Anal Leakage but I can't say, "Aw shit I forgot my wallet"? Who decides what words are ok and which words aren't, the judge I guess. So I don't see it as unreasonable to ask the same judge exactly which words are not ok? Is it the actual words that are unacceptable or is it the concepts that aren't allowed? If he walked around loudly talking about, Vigorously thrusting his penis into the ladies vagina, eventually secreting seminal fluids from his gonads all over her large sweaty mammaries. Maybe throw in some anal exploration just for good measure, would that be illegal? No dirty words were used so its ok to say in public right?

While all that is kinda funny it's actually irrelevant to the situation. The first amendment protects freedom of speech there are limits to protect the rights of others but not being offended is not a right. I find the speeches of George Bush highly offensive, does that mean I can have the cops go arrest him? Absolutely not. I can't have the evangelical on the street corner arrested and I don't want them to be. You don't change peoples attitudes by arresting people you disagree with, no you you change peoples attitudes by have discussions with them, and by your actions, but without the absolute protection of freedom of speech we cannot have the conversations this country needs to have. Freedom of speech is not a nice cozy comforter, its confrontational it can be vile and angry but it must be there or we have nothing, without the first amendment our claims to liberty are a sham. Yeah the kid should have shut the fuck up for a sec while the young 'uns meandered by but its not illegal for him to continue, and if they're going to claim it is then I want the print out of what I can't say, just so we're all clear.

If I walked down the street singing Anal Sex Balls Deep, is that ok, does it help if I pause for the F word?

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