Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Book Meme

I don't normally do Meme's partially cause no one likes me so I never get tagged and also because I don't like them. I think its weird to want to have a blog where you can write about what ever your heart (brain) desires and then turn around and do Meme's where someone else tells you what to write about, but whatever sometimes they're fun. I actually think this one is particularly lame as it has you re-write something from the book closest to you. I peeked at my nearest book and I said, "Damn" thats a good line. Ok the meme goes like this, grab the nearest book, open to page 123, skip the first 5 sentences, then type the next 3. So here goes.
Given its own highly compromised history, it is hardly surprising that when Ford dived into human rights, it defined the field as narrowly as possible. The foundation strongly favored groups that framed their work as legalistic struggles for the "rule of law," "transparency" and "good governance." As one Ford Foundation officer put it, the organizations attitude in Chile was, "How can we do this and not get involved in politics?"
And because I'm not doing the Meme right anyway I'll finish the paragraph.

It wasn't just that Ford was an inherently conservative institution, accustomed to working hand in hand, not at cross purposes, with official U.S. foreign policy. It was also that any serious investigation of the goals served by the repression in Chile would inevitably have led directly back to the Ford Foundation and the central role it played in indoctrinating the country's current rulers in a fundamentalist sect of economics.
Thats from The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. And I'm going to tag... no one. I told you I don't like Memes.

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