Friday, February 15, 2008

Real Legislation

Now this is a proposition I can support. Proposition 3-17. Its to make St. Patricks Day into a national holiday. You might think that supporting a religious holiday goes against many of my beliefs, and it would, except have you ever been to a St. Patricks Day celebration? This holiday kicks ass and it has nothing to do with religion these days. Its also unique as far as I know to being a cultural celebration that truly embraces everyone. I've never heard anyone say, "everyone is mexican on cinco de mayo." The other thing I like about this is that it's sponsored by Guinness, in and of its self thats not a good thing. Legislation should not be brought forth by businesses but thats the way things go, no what I like about it is that they are open about the fact. I think anytime a business writes a law they should be named as the author, HR 1342343, brought to you by Halliburton. At least it would be more honest. Now raise a Pint its Friday!

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