Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Should be Interesting - Zeitgeist

Hope this doesn't upset the person involved, I won't use her name, but they'll know who its about. The same friend who recommended "What the Bleep" has recommended another film. I want to start by apologizing to said friend because I did make it seem like she believed the things in What the Bleep,which is not why she recommended it. She simply said that she found the movie entertaining. I know how that is, I enjoy watching some of the 9/11 conspiracy movies, or UFO specials, it doesn't mean I believe them, it means it can be amusing.

Speaking of conspiracy's the latest recommendation might fall into that category. Now I haven't seen the film yet, but its free on the internet so I probably will at some point soon. The movie is called Zeitgeist, and it covers three topics. The Federal Reserve Bank, 9/11, and the question of a historical Jesus, in the opposite order. I'll star by saying that I know very little about The Fed, I know that some question its legality and some question if its done more harm than good. As for facts about it all I know is that the Fed sets the interest rate at which banks can borrow money which in turn influences how much money the banks loan to the public. This has huge implications for the economy. Honestly thats about all I really know, well that and the fact that I should learn more. I look forward to seeing that part, but with my usual degree of skepticism. How about the 9/11 conspiracy's, I've seen a few of these, they raise some good questions, they also raise some stupid ones. I don't expect to see anything new here. And finally the big one J.C. is he a man, a god, or a story? The person who recommended this was clearly most interested in this portion, which isn't surprising as it calls into question a pretty damn important tenet of christianity. I've seen some of this debate before, its an interesting question but I seriously doubt we will find an answer which will satisfy everyone. The skeptics claim that there is no evidence for a historical Jesus, and they have a point. There are quite a few non-biblical references to Jesus, their just doesn't seem to be any from the time he was alive. At the same time theres an awful lot of talk of Jesus as a person from within 30 years of his death that it seem odd that his myth became believably personified that quickly. I'm not sure if I worded that in a way that makes sense but I'm not sure how else to say it. My personal view is irrelevant but its my damn blog and you're reading it so here goes. My assumption is that there was a guy named Jesus, he was a rabble rouser back in the day when dissent meant death, his followers embellished his story to make it more powerful, today we call that creative license. If suddenly we found new evidence for or against a historical Jesus it wouldn't change my world view, although finding out he was a myth would reinforce my atheism. But I try hard to be skeptical of claims that agree with my world view, its tough, its easy to hear something and agree with it because of its agreeable implications, all I can say is that I try. Anyway, should be an interesting flick.


Larro said...

I've watched Zeitgeist. It was very good...particularly the Jebus explanation.

Essentially it's all astrological which a lot of primitive tent-dwelling shepherds and "high priests" put stock in in those days.

All in all it was a good watch.

Kilgore Trout said...

Cool, I look forward to watching it. I'm not sure when I'll get to see it, but when I do I'll probably do a little post about it. Thanks for stopping by.