Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Suddenly Christian

Oh no, not me, just a website, but thanks for your concern. The fellas over at UTI had a link to a proselytizing christian, but an alright one. He tries to engage non-theists in honest discussion, he even gently criticizes those christians who are rude to those they're trying to convert. Good for him. I don't think he's going to convert me but I can respect his style. There was one part I found ugh, cool or uplifting or some emotion like that, he had been asked a question and it was one he had previously answered in a book so he just cut and pasted his answer, no problem there its his book. He then defends his book which is written in the first person as if written by god, he said some christians have been offended by this premise, to which he says that it wasn't written for christians it was written for non-theists who generally aren't too touchy about such things. I like it, he knows his audience. There was more to his defense, namely that its been done before, to which I'd say, "yeah some dudes named John Mark Luke and some others wrote a long ass book like that." But then again I'm an asshole.

Anyway if you'd like to have a civilized conversation with someone who may have a very different world view than yourself, this guy seems like he might be a good option. Thanks, because the world needs more dialog.

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