Thursday, March 06, 2008

Worst Shots Ever

I've had a look of disgust etched onto my face for the last several minutes since I came across this list of the worst shots ever. Once you start adding Mayo to your shots it's pretty clear you're just trying to make people puke. But I would like to add that I've seen a friend drink some chocolate milk, then take a straight shot of 151 followed by some more chocolate milk. That wasn't even as a bet he just needed a chaser and the milk was all he had, so gross. I personally had done the flaming shot of 151, the smart way is to blow it out just before taking the shot, but I've drank them while burning. I don't recommend it, not at all, when it goes right our still left in a decent bit of pain and wondering what you just did to your esophagus and theres always the option that it doesn't go right. Namely spilling any of the burning liquid anywhere it has oxygen available. I've never looked but Ive been told its easy to find videos like this on youtube. Anytime when that you have to consider ingesting fire the possitive outcome you might want to reconsider. Of course this is the kind of thing thats only done when very drunk so it doesn't really matter what I say right now.

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rob the granola guy said...

My roomate freshman year drank a bunch of vodka and chocolate milk and then hurled in our trash can for a few hours. It was the first time he ever got drunk. I showed him porn for the first time too. I was a terrible influence on the poor chap.