Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Domestic Terrorism

Another case of the FBI infiltrating a civilian organization in order to spy on possible domestic terrorists, they're watching out for the Skinheads, Neo-Nazi's, the KKK, Abortion clinic bombers, Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalists like McVeigh or Eric Rudolph.... wait what? Oh no it seems they've set there sights on the real dangers, Vegans. Yeah you know how violent those people are, I mean hell they won't even kill an animal to eat, shit they won't even drink milk from a cow cause its mean. I know they keep me up at night, they'll make me eat tofu NOOOO!!!!!!!! Ok there was a time when the left-wingers were a threat the Weathermen, and various groups that include the term Liberation. Anytime someone mentions Liberation you should be worried, just ask an Iraqi. Unfortunately for the FBI most of these groups haven't been active since the mid 70's. To there credit they are trying to ensure safety for the GOP Convention, most likely the right wing isn't going to attack there, so my question is are they doing similar measures around Denver infiltrating right-wing groups?

Of course the big concern here isn't the possible one-sidedness of these investigations, its the fact that the FBI is spying on law abiding citizens. 1984 anybody? Oh right no one expects their rights to be respected anymore.

This could and should have been far angrier, but I'm just not feelin' it today.

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stevie said...

ha that vegan one is funny...

i guess i can't trust anyone now. Someone might find out where i hide my bricks of tofu