Monday, June 30, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Stupid

So as you probably know theres about a 50/50 chance that for the first time in recorded history the arctic may be without ice this summer. Alarm bells should be going off. The biggest concern is the fact that this is happening far faster than predicted. Scientists are fairly conservative when they make announcements to the public, they don't want to seem like fools if they give dire warnings only to have them be wrong. So this give conservative estimates, and throw in that it might be worse. If I remember right they predicted this could happen by 2050 in Al's movie, and here it is two years latter happening. What scares me the most is the comments afterwards, those who say that this is just a normal part of the cycle and that nothing we do has any affect on it, and hey there might be oil under that ice! The stupid refers to those who get confused when their drink doesn't over flow when the ice melts. If the ice melts then all the coastal cities should be underwater, and they are so this is a lie.... No offense to anyone with legitimate mental handicaps but are these folks retarded? Listen up, its pretty simple, ice floating on water doesn't affect the sea level when it melts. The Arctic OCEAN is water so when that ice melts the sea level stays the same. Ice on land that melts obviously affects the sea level. Places like Antarctica and Greenland are the most critical land based ice. So no one who pays attention should have any confusion about how the ice can melt and the cities don't drown. Ok I'm outta time, I'll talk more shit later.

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