Friday, June 20, 2008

a little confused / got it - GObama

I probably shouldn't write this yet cause I don't fully understand whats going on, which is what I'm writing about. Ok so our next president has decided that he's not going to take public campaign money. I'm actually all for fully public campaign financing to really keep the lobbyists out, but thats a separate matter. I think. So after a little more reading it makes sense, if he took the money (84.1 million dollars of tax payer money - or roughly 6 hours in Iraq) then he would be limited on his spending. He has already raised freaking 272 million dollars and its thought that he still has at least 200 million MORE than McCain. Why would he want to limit himself? If he was then going to turn around and accept 100 million from Exxon then I would be pissed. Assuming he doesn't do that then yes he still went back on his work to negotiate a deal with McCain on public finance. He's still a politician and he's more to the point he's human, when he made that comment it would have made sense to strike a deal, now when he is massively in the lead monetarily it would be silly to take the money and keep himself from having far far more. McCain will try to make a big deal out of it, hopefully when people then point out that his own campaign has had some questionably legal finances they will shut the fuck up. Or better yet Obama will give him enough rope to hang himself (seems odd to use that phrase here given the racial make up of the parties involved but I don't know another one, plus suicide and lynching are pretty different, anyway...) by letting McCain go after Obama's finances, let him bring them up in a debate, stay on the defensive for just a little while as the talking heads go ape-shit, then chop the legs out from their argument by pointing out that at least his finances were legal, and saved the taxpayers money. AKA- go fuck yourself old man.

I'm happy to see that Obama hasn't attacked McCain's age, old people vote too much for that, and it gives him a big ol' arrow to keep in the back of his quiver, a quiver that must be getting pretty heavy these days. Actually these days what most politicians do is let the groups like MoveOn for the Dems or Swiftboat for the Repubs do the dirty nasty stuff. I don't really want to compare MoveOn with swiftboat but you get the idea.

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