Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Yorker

Yeah yeah we've all seen the cover, we all get what they were trying to do and we all understand that it didn't work. So why is it that whenever this type of thing happens the only person I can always trust to have an opinion I agree with is the Rude Pundit? This whole thing is just a case of satire gone wrong. Satire has a wonderful tradition, Jon Swift, Mark Twain, and today Steven Colbert show what can be done with satire, but those names are revered (Colbert is at least revered by himself) for the very simple reason that satire is hard. Again, Satire is Hard. It's really easy to get it wrong and thats really all the New Yorker is guilty of, well that and not being funny which is a little different.As for all the other opinions out there about this. Eh.

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rob the granola guy said...

I think it's just plain funny. People need to chill out and learn to take a joke... if they ever get it in the first place. Viva sarcasm.