Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama, Biden and the DNC

If you want to hear all about the Convention, go somewhere else, im sure you won't have too much trouble finding stuff. I didn't even get to watch it let alone study it enough to provide deep insight. But I can guess, Kennedy did a moving speech, Michelle Obama and a bunch of others also talked in front of a whole bunch of supporters. Woohoo.
(UPDATE: the rude one's take on the convention, with bonus easter egg for those who know me)

Oh shit, the pic is kinda big so rather than squish it onto here and make it unreadable, click this shit and check out why the daily show is amazing. Its a billboard on I-94 that greats those arriving from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, home to the Republican National Convention. hehe. Hat tip to C&L

Ok sorry about that, back to the DNC. I'm just not that interested in speeches, its the work that politicians actually do, you know accomplishments, that I'm interested in.

What about Biden? I honestly didn't know a whole lot about the dude, when he was running this time around I was supporting Kucinich with Obama as my back up cause I knew the K-Dizzle never had a chance. So I've been doing a little reading and he seems like a very logical choice. Basically he has the experience that people think Obama needs, I personally like the fact ha and Obama have there differences. It shows me that Obama is serious when he says that he wants a variety of opinions around him, as opposed to a bunch of yes men cronies. Whats the point of a cabinet if its just an echo chamber? So I think Biden was a smart choice, not an edgy or inspiring choice, but a smart and politically safe choice. He's also a freaking attack dog who is going to tear into McCain, so that should be fun. Biden does carry some baggage from some past campaigns where he screwed up pretty bad, lets hope that with the Obama crew surrounding him they can minimize the gaffes.

UPDATE: Apparently Obama named the wrong city when asked where he was last night. Big deal, the dude is traveling constantly, this seems to happen to every candidate at some point. We all get a quick chuckle, a few comedians with nothing else to go on will take a couple jabs, but I hope no one tries to use this as a real attack.

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