Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Might Be An Elitist If.....

You don't know how many houses you own.

Then again McCain's 6.4 (w/wife) v.s Obama's (w/wife) 4.2 million last year shows that neither are exactly poor.
But while it's obviously important to understand the needs of the people, the reality is that I want someone elite running my country. I don't want the average Joe in the white house. Shit McCain is bad, he mixes up sunni and shiite, but at least he know that there are sunni's and shiites. I think it shows our nations educational failings that more people in this country aren't more knowledgeable but at this time thats the reality. Call Obama an elitist if you want, he started with nothing, worked his ass off, got an incredible education and got himself to the top of American politics. The qualities that are going to drive someone to attain such lofty goals are the same qualities we bemoan as elitist. Of course our government is elite, they're suppose to be the best. Thats like calling Michael Phelps an elitist, although I understand Obama going after McCain on this considering how much he used it as an attack previously against Obama.


rob said...

All the founding fathers, including Jefferson, wanted an elitist government. Most of the Federalists wanted the elite to be rich, and Jefferson wanted them to be educated, but it didn't matter to him what class they were. That's why he wanted an educated populace. The problem is that now we have an even less educated populace, at least about political issues than at Jefferson's time.

Kilgore Trout said...

Agreed. Wasn't that the point of the Electoral College? Give the people (white male landowners) the right to vote, but keep an ace in the hole just in case they make the wrong decision.

Although it can be argued that the US didn't have much of an "elite" by the european standards of the day. They were merchants, lawyers, and clergy. They were essentially the top of a rather large middle class (at least in the north) and not lords, dukes or other hereditary rulers. The fact that there was a relatively large, very well educated middle class was essential to the revolution. The rich don't want to rock the boat, the poor are too worried about how they are going to eat to worry about who is currently oppressing them, it the folks in the middle who want to be at the top that created change.

Then again we don't have lords now days, the super rich are the businessmen.