Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And good times were had by all

Lets see the war in Iraq seems to be heading in the right direction finally, oh sure its still insanely unstable and could still collapse at any moment but at the moment that seems to be the best news we have to work with. Our other war has taken a decidedly nasty turn of late, to the point that even our ally Pakistan has ordered its troops to shoot ours if we try to invade their territory again. Apparently countries get all uptight about sending special ops into their country and killing a dozen civilians, who knew? It's not like our plan was to kill civilians, doesn't that count for something? Oh, no it turns out good intentions don't bring people back to life. Then theres all the shit goin on in Georgia still, that could turn out to be a serious problem. Russia might even be thinking about doing it again. Suicide bombers just attacked our embassy in Yemen, killing 16. And because the western hemisphere hasn't been pointing out its disdain for American Hegemony lately Evo Morales is pissed at us for saying that his country isn't helping to fight the war on drugs. To which he said supply and demand mothafucka, y'all stop sniffin it we'll stop making it. To which I say make it legal and we can at least get ride of the direct violence . And just to in case the whole Cold War II seemed to implausible, they're selling jets to Venezuela a country that isn't terribly fond of us, and might help Bolivia with its drug problems. Yo, the Russians are getting smart. I think its fair to say the international scene isn't looking so hot right now. What about things at home?

Oh my, the financial sector seems to be in some trouble. Hmm after the Great Depression we put all sorts of regulations on the financial corporations, things went relatively smoothly, then we de-regulated and now things are looking pretty fucking bad. Weird it's like without rules corporations simply worry about short term profits which leads to all sorts of long term consequences. Lets run the list, and I'm probably forgetting some, Fannie and Freddie got re-nationalized, Lehman became the largest corporate bankruptcy ever, Merrill Lynch got bought out, AIG got bailed out, oh and the stock market is in a minor free fall. Sweet.

But the only silver lining is that when the voters see how much of a failure both our foreign and economic policies have been they are going to vote overwhelmingly for the guy who actually wants to change shit right? I mean there's just no way any sane person could ask for more of what we've had... oh wait this country isn't sane, and they will vote for the attractive lady that loves jeebus and killin' critters! Woo!

WTF, if we actually elect those two lying fucks then you know what, I won't have pity on my own country when it continues its spiral down the sewer.


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