Friday, September 12, 2008

Update: Biden and Palin

Ok I was a bit confused yesterday, someone told me there was a debate, I only saw the last couple minutes but that sure as fuck wasn't a debate. Admittedly it didn't claim to be, it was a forum, which apparently means that the questions aren't even lobed in slowly, there set-up t-ball style. Seriously one question was about if volunteerism is part of what makes this country great? Thats not really a question, and as a politicians it's nothing. Its just an opportunity to cheer lead. I want tough questions, just cause its a forum doesn't mean they shouldn't have to answer real questions. Or maybe it does. Shit Palin got tougher questions during that interview. BTW: She obviously didn't know what "The Bush Doctrine" was, and while she should, it's not a big deal. Although her support of preemptive war should be a real concern. The proper follow up would have been to ask, given what she knew, if she supported preemptive war in Iraq. But they didn't. One other thing, obviously I'm severely biased against her, but I found it weird how hostile she seemed during the interview. McCain is angry enough, we don't need an equally aggressive person behind him.


rob said...

Last week I divided my students up in teams for a debate over whether Sarah Palin was the right choice for McCain. It was pretty funny. The pro-Palin teams picked up quickly on the fact that they'd have to use a lot of "spin" to get debate points.

Kilgore Trout said...

Thats hilarious.