Friday, December 05, 2008

Cost of the Bailout

This is interesting, comparing the cost (in modern dollars) of major governments expenditures to the cost of the bailout which may or may not work. I will say that including the Louisiana Purchase was a little dirty, I mean yeah it doubled the size of the country but it's always been considered on of the best real estate deals in history, although this has it listed as 217 Billion in todays dollars, I guess thats still a good deal for flyover country. Anyway the list shows that this bailout will cost more than the following list combined.

The Marshall Plan
Louisiana Purchase
S&L Crisis
Korean War
The New Deal
Iraq War
Vietnam War
NASA (all time budget) - but does that include the moonshot?

The Bailout.

Admittedly theirs a lot of flaws in this, including things like the population is five times what it was a century ago, in theory we get a lot of this money back, and the cost of Iraq is much much more than the 600 Billion listed. But that doesn't change that this bailout is fucking insane.

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