Friday, January 23, 2009

Beatin' of the Week

If you see this man, whoop his ass and take his money.Which isn't even stealing considering it's your money in his wallet. His name is John Thain and this walking ego was so good at his job that his company only lost 56 billion fucking dollars and had to go crying to uncle sam to save his ass, but apparently having the government bail you out took some serious skills, cause he then gave billions in bonuses to execs while slashing the workforce. Awesome. Some would have thought that was enough spitting in the face of the people losing their homes because of your business practices who also happen to be paying your bonuses, but no oh no, not for this douche nozzle. He then decided to have his office remodeled by the same guy who just did the white house, to the tune of 1.2 million dollars. For one fucking office. I love how Bloomberg, a relatively liberal paper by the standards of financial papers sorta justifies this saying that in the big picture a million dollars is insignificant and shouldn't matter. To all of us who haven't been living in a fantasy world a million dollars is still a significant chunk of change. In my town thats a home for a dozen families or more. This guy spent more on rugs than many homes in this town cost, and it wasn't even wall to wall!! The article also makes a weak attempt at justification by saying that because they are antiques they will maintain their value, at least it does give the other side by saying yeah but antiques aren't used in offices because they're too fragile.

So what can we do? He's broken no laws on the books but he has broken the law of living ethically in a civilized society. We can't send him to jail, so lets play it his way. He doesn't want to respect the idea of living within a society then lets show him what happens when society turns on you. I initially wanted straight up vigilante justice on this piece of fuck, but I've just gotten back from a nice conversation with a co-worker about the Inauguration and what not so I'm feeling a little less vengeful. What if we turned on him by simply refusing to accept his money? If we simply stopped accepting his (and other rich people's) money then suddenly they would realize just how imaginary their wealth really is. Yeah I realize its not going to happen but it's a nice thought. So because it's not going to happen lets just stick with vigilante justice and let the blood of the thief's run rivers through the streets.

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BTW he's only been at ML since '07 after the last guy lost a paltry 7.9 billion in one quarter, Thain knew he could do better and lost 15 billion in the same amount of time, booya!

Title and type of justice I'm looking for come from this classic SNL Sketch called "Good Morning Brooklyn" unfortunately I couldn't find a video.

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Rob said...

There's a special place in hell for people like this fuckwad. It's right next to the person that designed the packaging for CD jewel cases.