Friday, January 30, 2009

I hate stupid

Call me a bigot if you will, but I fucking hate stupid people. I'm not talking about like MR folks, they can't help it, or even the folks on the lower half of the bell curve in general, I mean the willfully stupid. The people who at one point or another actually woke up and decided, ya know what, I think I'll be a fucking idiot today, maybe forever. Oh wait I shouldn't have used the word "think" in there, I really doubt theres a whole lot of thought in these minds, and thats the real problem.

Sorry I should explain what just made my brain hurt. The ACLU is suing a school district, you might ask why, but I'll warn you it may cause your brain to explode, you've been warned. They are forced to sue the school because the school kicked a kid out of school for, and I can't believe I'm writing this, because the school district claims the kid put a hex on their teacher and made the teacher sick.... It would be funny if it wasn't for the poor kid who's now a total outcast at school. Ok its still a little funny.

"It's hard for me to believe that in the year 2000 I am walking into court to defend my daughter against charges of witchcraft brought by her own school,"

Ok so this isn't exactly breaking news, but still, wtf people. Tippin' the hat to PZ.


The Vicar said...

As you will see if you read the comments on PZ's page: this took place in 1999, the girl apparently made up a bunch of stuff and later admitted that she was lying, and in fact was suspended for threatening other students (she said she was a witch and would kill them).

That said: I want to go and smack the heads of everyone involved:
- The other students need a smack for taking this seriously.
- The school needs a smack for being too cowardly to tell the kids "witchcraft is a superstition, as long as you stay away from the crazy girl so she can't attack you, you'll be fine"
- The girl needs a smack for being delusional and having, apparently, a huge sense of entitlement. (Although to be fair, most high school kids need this.)
- The girl's parents need a smack for not sitting her down and having The Talk with her. No, not the sex talk, or even the drug talk. It's the important talk, the one which every teen needs to hear, which goes like this: "the world does not revolve around you. It doesn't revolve around your high school either. If you ignore the idiots around you, in four years, you'll be able to go away and probably never see any of them again. In the meantime, don't try to make them admire you by being flashy, and don't try to threaten them. You'll regret it whether you are successful or not."

Kilgore Trout said...

Oh yeah, now I remember this whole thing.

So I guess I just need to expand my insults to everyone involved. Thank you for the update!

rob said...

How do you know she's a witch?

she looks like one

did you dress her up as a witch

no... well... we did do the nose... and the hat...but she HAS got a wart