Monday, January 12, 2009


Theres a growing trend of families not vaccinating their children out of fear of autism, theres just one tiny little problem, well two really, vaccines don't cause autism but they do prevent some pretty nasty diseases. So now said nasty diseases are on the rise. This post for Orac on the subject is supposed to be quite good, I'm only at the start now but Phil says its good so I'll post it.

Hehe, ok this really has nothing to do with anything but it's still quite funny. Some guy had a whole rant because on Obama's Website there was a quote, "Recovery from autism is neither possible, nor desirable" so they dude goes on about how they have recovered people and how does the soon to be president feel about that huh? Just one lil problem with that, where that quote came from is like a social networking site for causes and has nothing to do with Change.GOV which is Obama's website, er one of em. Orac is not very kind to the fool, but he could have been worse.

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