Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I love my mom. With all my heart I do, but she does have an uncanny knack for infuriating me, no doubt that's mutual. I felt awful all day. We got in a fight. She had advice I didn't want to hear, I get really defensive, emotion level rises, and that's pretty much the gist of it.

And ya know whats an extra kick in the nuts?
She was right.


sorry mom, you were right. And I was a jerk. I often am. I just let my mind wander when I write and some of it was just too personal. You were right to tell me so. Thank you.
I really feel like an asshole right now. I know how my mother gets. I ruined her day to say the least, probably my dads too. Sorry dad. I was in a pretty terrible mood too, even Marque and the kids couldn't get me entirely out of sulk mode. I've told you I'm sorry too many times in our lives mom. So here we are once again. I'm sorry mom.

I love you,
hope this wasn't too personal.

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P said...

I gotta tell you. This breaks my heart.