Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bill of Rights Vs. The Stupid

This shit gets tricky. So a guy gets fired from a Gov job because he's uberchristian. At first I'm sympathetic. Claims to have seen a demon. Ok thats a bit weird but not grounds for firing. He was in the hospital and admitted to praying for 10 hours at a time. Eccentric but harmless. Lost 40 lbs in six months from fasting. Starting to seriously question his sanity. Umm... he admitted to pissing himself once because he didn't want to get up from praying to use the bathroom. Gross. But as long as he did that at home and showered before coming in then I don't see how it's dismissal worthy. As long as his crazy isn't interfering with his work then I think he has a case. Just one little thing, he was a cop, and he wants his gun and badge back. Throws a bit of a wrench into the mix doesn't it?

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