Thursday, May 21, 2009

Death By Willful Ignorance

It might seem like I'm unduly harsh towards religion quite regularly. If religion was just a harmless sham then I would agree that my attacks are unwarranted, but religion is NOT harmless. Case in point, Daniel Hauser, has been sentenced to a horribly painful death from Hodgkins lymphoma by his loving mother. I'm not using the term loving sarcastically and thats what makes it all the worse. I have every reason to think that his mother loves him and wants whats best for him, but because of her religious views what she considers the best for him is for god to protect him rather than let doctors help him. Even before this disease his mother's views had already done harm to him. He was home schooled and apparently reading wasn't considered important at that education facility.

PZ is angry about this too.


PersonalFailure said...

And what about the little girl who died of a perfectly treatable disease, diabetes, whose sufferers regularly live into their 70's and beyond?

Her mother testified that she couldn't see that her daughter was ill and that it never occurred to her to take the child to a doctor.

why is it the people who suffer most for religion are the ones who cannot choose not to?

Kilgore Trout said...

Also horrible. I know there are plenty more examples, I just used this one cause it was on pharyngula.

Thanks for added info