Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Military Intelligence

I think this story is pretty self-explanatory. Guy is a damn good fighter pilot, plenty of awards and shit. Now he's training the next generation of pilots here in the US, We've spent about $25 million on his training. He's about to get kicked out for a pretty heinous crime, he admitted he was gay. Seems like a good plan doesn't it? I'd like to see every homosexual member of the military come out at once. Can our military really stand to lose a significant percentage of its fighting force right now? Even if it's 1% that would be a serious problem for them. As much as I dislike the military my point obviously isn't to cripple our military it is to force them to take a long hard look at their policies and decide if they can afford to keep it. I think this would force the military to abandon don't ask don't tell.

They should pick a significant day, maybe November 27th - the day Harvey Milk was murdered. Or if they want to do it sooner, Milk's birthday is May 22nd.

So what do you say? May 22nd every gay soldier comes out of the closet. It's not mass desertion, it's a simple protest against a stupid law.

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TW said...

It really is mind numbing to think that in this day and age, the military of a free, democratic nation is prepared to throw away 10 years experience and millions of dollars training over something as trivial as this.

Its insane.

Losing an experienced, skilled, pilot is something every military should be trying to avoid at all costs - not doing its best to do.

At least here in the UK we saw the light over this a few years ago and now no one really cares what your orientation is.