Monday, June 08, 2009

Good to be Home

I had a wonderful time on vacation, went to Tucson for my cousins wedding. It was a wonderful reception, the ceremony itself was a freaking catholic mass type wedding to you can pretty much assume correctly my thoughts about that. Then we headed north to Sedona, which is spectacular. Well the area itself is wonderful, I had a very hard time trying to come up with a redeeming feature for the town itself.... smooth road. I rented a nice road bike (bicycle) one day so the roads did matter. We also checked out some huge hole in the ground.... the grand something. Although as cool as that was, and I'd love to go back so I could hike it, in many ways Sedona was even more picturesque. The Grand Canyon is just too big, Sedona you look at a red rock and think hey, I wanna climb that, and then you go climb it. At the Canyon it's like hey thats cool, and if you're good you can get there in two days.... oh.

But there has been quite a bit of shit going on so I feel like talking about the world instead of myself.

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