Monday, June 29, 2009


First off my grandfather is doing a little better. I also found out that the guy who got killed on the bike was coming from a concert I almost went to. Several of my friends knew him and saw him before he left on that ill fated journey. I will say that it seems as if cars have been extra nice to me lately and I must wonder if its because of that, or maybe they're just in awe of my badass bike.

Speaking of which I finally got passed by a cyclist. The vast majority of folks on bikes in my town, and there are a lot of them, aren't in a hurry. Flying past a kid on a BMX bike isn't exactly thrilling. Although it is funny when they are pumping away going over one of the bridges, usually riding illegally on the sidewalk and I casually go past. Pretty much the same feeling when I blow by people on mountain bikes. So over the weekend I'm riding back from corning and I hear someone say something, I look over my shoulder and there's a guy right beside me, we say hello and he goes by. I then followed him for probably a mile or two and while he was clearly faster he wasn't that much faster which made me feel good. Maybe I'll try a group ride later this week. And while in the biking world a 13 mile ride is a freaking warm up I'm still pretty tired after riding 13 miles, doing physical labor for a 6 hours or so then riding 13 miles back home. There was one person on a forum claiming the first 30 miles of their commute is rolling country hills then 12 flat miles of increasing traffic as they get into town. I can't imagine what must be a 2.5 hour or more commute each way. My commute to my normal work is just under 2 miles, it takes like 6 minutes and I'm still drenched in sweat when I get there. Then again I do tend to move along pretty quickly, slow is boring.

UPDATE: Shit. It's a different story everyday. I just got a message from my sister, apparently grandpa's non-responsive and his kidneys are shutting down.... Shit.


Anonymous said...

Hope things turn around for the better, and if not, I at least hope for his greatest good, and peace.Take care of yourself. Sounds like your hanging in there pretty well. Stop by the house on the way through on of these weekends, Dave finally did.--Christine

rob said...

I don't know how I biked all those miles when I was a kid. I guess it's because I was a kid that I was able to do it. I went half way up Whiteface Mountain and then rode 27 miles home.

Hope gramps is okay.