Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer Summit

Ok so Obama has asked the cop and the professor over for a beer. He wants to deal with this but not make too big a deal out of it either, diffuse the situation and shit.

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But I have one major major concern here. The cop asked for blue moon, a tasty brew, the harvard bloke wants red stripe, horray beer! And the leader of the free world is going to sip on bud light.... BUD FUCKING LIGHT!! Seriously? Ok I'm sure it's a calculated move like everything he does, he probably had advisors telling him what would be the exact right beer so as not to look pretentious, it had to be an American beer obviously. He probably just said what's the best selling beer in the country and figured that would be a good pick to look like an average Joe, but as I've said many times you're the fucking president you are by deffinition the elite, pretty much as high up there as you can get without Simon clapping for you, you don't need to pretend to be average Joe. Yeah it worked for the last guy but it's probably best not to look at him for ideas on how to be prez. He should have had an Arrogant Bastard Ale then wrote a note to the company saying, I am worthy.

Oh and yeah he should have had an American beer, I almost forgot bud isn't American anymore, I think some Belgian company makes that swill now. I realize he can't show up with ahold bottle of Sam Adams utopia and not catch shit, although a regular Sam would be a good choice. Then again maybe he just doesn't like beer so he got water instead, or bud light which is close enough.

As for the meeting itself, meh. It makes sense, just try to get that little mess behind us so he can get back to letting the repubs and bitch ass dems fuck up any chance for useful change in health care.

I want the dems to grow a pair, they got a real mandate during the election but still all they can
talk about is bipartisan bullshit, personally I think it's so they can keep blaming the rebups, and that's the issue they are still in the mindset of avoiding blame for fuck ups instead of wanting credit for a job well done. They need to stand up and say ok here is our plan, yall on the othe side of the isle are welcome to join us working out the details but if you don't like the basic plan that's fine, whine and bitch but stay outta the way. Yeah go cry to ORielly and his little impersonator (not Colbert, the other one the shitty one) about how making sure everyone can see a doctor is evil socialism. Instead they just water shit down until the repubs are sorta ok with it, and the "blue dogs" who are actually the bigger problem here. Where's the other side in this debate? All I hear is how it's socialist, where are the rest of the comentators screaming cause it's not social enough? I want single payer national healthcare! Fuck the insurance companies, they've fucked us long enough.

UPDATE: lots of people have rambled bullshit about this, the only reason I did is because I don't care for Bud Light and i think his choice was a political move, i just think it's sad that politics have gotten to the point where the President can't even drink a beer without thinking about how it will look to the people. Of course there is the chance that he just likes Bud Light, my dad does, it's not terrible beer its just dull beer.

"How is American beer like sex in a canoe?"
"It's Fucking close to water!"
- Andrew, someone I knew when I flew. He was a character...

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